Direct Marketing is Surging Back to Popularity

Postcard direct marketing is the most effective way to get your message to your target audience. People are recognizing that simplicity is the best method of communication.
A postcard gets you prospects’ attention. Colorful, no envelope to open and can be saved for future reference.

Our popular co-op postcards…

…gets your message to potential buyers at a low cost, usually $395 or less. Your message is part of a large 9×12 card along with other businesses. A co-op card gets your cost to less than 8 cents per home delivery.

Our Solo Card…

…puts your business at the center of attention. Contact us to discuss what strategy is best for your business.

Either Way It’s a Better Plan…

…to get your message out compared to other forms of advertising. Internet, television, radio and billboard advertising depend on factors out of your control. Your potential customer must scroll, watch, listen or drive by just the right place at the right time. With postcard marketing, they’ll come home at the end of the day where a mail carrier has delivered your message.

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