Personal Financial Coaching


This is a one-on-one interactive program where I teach you the fundamentals of financial planning and help you create your plan. We interact via telephone, Skype or a similar medium and in person if possible.

It’s like working with a financial planner but I provide more information, education and instruction so you know both ‘what’ and ‘why.’

Getting Started

Initially, we evaluate where you are now and where you want to be. Then we begin crafting a plan to reach your goals. The first step to the plan is financial literacy. Most Americans know a good bit about personal finance, but not everything they need to know. With this service you will start on a path to become the master of your personal finances.

This subject can become quite confusing and a source of undo stress for many people because it is the one area that impacts all other areas of your life and so many companies are telling you that they have the answer for you. But how can you be certain when they make their money by selling you their products?

I solve that. You pay me a fee to educate and assist you. I do not get paid to sell the products and services of financial companies. I work only for you.

Ongoing Monitoring and Assistance

Once your plan is developed we will meet quarterly to monitor your finances, keep you on track and further your education. Between meetings I am available by email and telephone. Some clients do not make a major financial move without consulting me. They find my insight that valuable. I’ve done services like shop for mortgages to negotiate car deals. My role is to improve your financial life.

Why Me

I have over 30 years experience helping others understand finances. Clients tell me that I have a remarkable skill of taking a complex subject and explaining it in an easy to understand common sense way. I’m patient and want to bring clients along at their pace.

I hold the AAMS (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) designation from the CFP (College for Financial Planning). This is a designation for financial professionals who further their education as they strive to do a better job for their clients. It is a great source of my continuing education which is required to maintain the designation.


I am currently accepting indications of interest to hire me as your financial coach.

To ensure that I do a my best job for clients I limit the number of clients I work with.

Shoot me an email to start our conversation. Let’s see if we’re a good match.