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Jeffery Thomas

I help clients achieve their goals. You know the sense of accomplishment that you enjoy after a job well done? That's why I do it. I have a talent of helping people solve complex problems and explaining complex topics in a common sense way to understand.
I started my career in financial services with one of the largest firms. I focused on a financial planning approach rather than a sales approach and became the top producer of investments in the company. Part of my work was to mentor and coach other and to build teams of successful advisors. I moved to a wire house brokerage firm where i further developed my financial planning with specialized training from the College for Financial Planning and earned the AAMS designation. (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) I left the brokerage firm to start my own independent firm with a focus on financial planning and money education.
After selling the firm, I have continued to educate clients on money matters and financial planning as well as providing management consulting and business development to select clients. I've mentored several start-ups and consulted on business projects for some of the largest tech companies. My clients include financial services professionals, construction companies, law firms, specialty foods and technology just to mention a few.
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How I Help You

I offer two types of courses; to the individuals seeking improvement and training coaches to coach others. I do one on one, group and online courses. They are delivered in the most optimal method for the need. With any program I am always available between sessions and after completion to clarify points, reinforce lessons and to ensure overall success of your participation. Click below to explore the current courses.



Helping others solve problems is a natural human instinct. When you engage in this activity you become better.


When you convey correct information through your coaching you help people protect themselves from being scammed.


Your coaching offers you the opportunity to build a strong career doing what you enjoy and earning others' respect.