Executive Coaching

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Initial Consultation

This is a tailored program to aid you in reaching your best potential. In our initial conversation (no charge) we discuss your career now, your goals, what you need to succeed and whether we should consider working together. Next, I develop a proposal for you. Then you decide if you are ready to move forward.

Plan Proposal

I will develop your plan to move you toward your goals. Your plan will be designed around you, your lifestyle and your goals. It will include industry best practices, proven methods, will be measurable and have specific stated objectives.

Why Me

I have a track record of success from which you can benefit:

  • The top producer for one of the world’s most successful financial conglomerates.
  • Built my office into the second highest producing office for the same firm.
  • A top producer for one of the world’s top mutual fund families for more than a decade.
  • The top producer for one of the world’s largest mutual funds.
  • Competed with the best and largest in the financial industry and won a multi-million public employee retirement plan.
  • Launched an independent brokerage firm
  • Launched a niche magazine and shut down the top competitor in the market.
  • Advised on a $1 Billion + acquisition along with a few smaller ones.
  • Advised on one of the top tech IPOs
  • Led an organization that created $1.5 Billion of business for small businesses.
  • Elected and reelected Chairman of almost all Boards on which I have served.

My Fee

My fee will be part of the proposal and will be based on my level of involvement and your needs. My involvement can range from a guidance session to ongoing mentoring. If you follow my coaching and do your part, too, you will make much more money than the fee I charge. You will enjoy an attractive ROI.

I will teach you the skills that led to my success. Contact me today.

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