Build Your Financial Coaching Career

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Financial coaching is a very rewarding career of helping others.

The most lucrative career is almost anything related to finances. Big tech companies like Apple and Google have moved into financial services. That should tell you where the best opportunities are.

Dave Ramsey, a struggling real estate agent, built a financial coaching empire when he started his service.

Clark Howard started in the travel business then moved to media commentary, now runs his own nationally syndicated radio show on finance and has become a well respected educator on financial literacy.

The real need is one-on-one coaching and financial literacy education for individuals and families. It is a very rewarding career to help people get their personal finances squared away.

I am taking indications of interest for my next course. This is a comprehensive course where you will learn

  • Personal finance
  • How to teach others
  • How to get your first client
  • How to get a steady stream of referrals from clients
  • How to build a successful financial practice
  • How to meet regulatory requirements

Sending an indication of interest is simple. Respond by comment below or click here to send an email. I’ll add your name to the list and notify you when the next course is scheduled.

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